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For hybrid and electric vehicles, electronic components such as high-voltage energy storage, electric motors etc. have an important role. Depending on the degree of electrification of the vehicle, components of conventional drive concepts are replaced by more efficient ones. Thus, the generator of hybrid or electric vehicles, which supplies the 12V/24V/48V electrical on-board system, can be saved. Instead of this, a DC/DC converter is required, which changes the voltage of the high-voltage energy storage device to the voltage of the electrical system.

■  3000W

■  Wide range input

■  High efficiency – typ. 94%

■  Short-circuit, no load and over temperature protection

■  IP-protection class IP65, IP67, IP6K9K

■  Parallel connectable

■  Galvanical isolated switching regulator

■  HV-Interlock

■  CAN (controllable output voltage)

● Typelist:

TypeInput voltageOutput voltageOutput currentCat. no.