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Run-in tester for UPS assemblies

Scope of testing:

  • Freely programmable sources DC/AC 1ph./3ph.
  • Electronic AC/DC loads or water-cooled resistance loads
  • Freely programmable load profiles / load phases
  • Freely programmable measuring cycles
  • Easy adaptation
  • Communication test

UPS assemblies ensure a secure supply of power. To complete this function, proper function must be ensured.

Using the run-in tester, several UPS assemblies are subjected to a burn-in via an increased ambient temperature. For this purpose, resistances are applied to seven different voltage outputs per test object. Loading is realised in the form of configured load resistors that are mounted on liquid coolers. The cooling plates are integrated into the heating circuit of the customer, who also supplies them with cooling water. These loads can be switched on and off individually. During operation, currents, voltages and temperatures are determined and documented. The test objects can be switched off individually as needed (e.g., non-compliance with limit parameters). To protect against overheating, a smoke detector is integrated into the system, which switches off the systems components in the case of danger. The PC unit is excluded to avoid data losses. The mechanical test object receptacle and the electrical adaption of ten slots are located inside. On optical status indicators for evaluation (red/green) and assignment (load board activation) are mounted well visibly to the front side of every test object.