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DBL75 - 75 Watt

Trickle charger for lead and lithium batteries

● Intelligent (trickle) Charger for 12V LiFePO4 and lead-acid batteries12V
● Automatic detection of battery type (lead or lithium)
● AC wide range input
● Safety acc. to EN60335-1(CE-LVD); EN60335-2-29 [CE version]; UL1310; CAN/CSA223-15 [UL version]
● Class II, no protective earth
● Overload-/Over temperature protection
● Short circuit-/Reverse polarity protection
● Efficiency >75%
● Intelligent, adaptive charging- and regeneration process
● Micro Processor Control

Input cable:
● CE-Versions: Exchangeable cable set 2 m for Europe/UK/Australia
● UL Versions: Fix 2m cable with US plug

Output cable:
● Standard versions: Exchangeable set 2 m with crocodile clips and ring terminal
● MagCode Versions: Fix 2 m cable with Rosenberger MagCode plug

● Typelist:

TypeInput voltageOutput voltageOutput currentCat. no.
DBL75-14 CE-Version standard100-240VAC14.4VDCmax.5A116221/0/012
DBL75-14 CE-Version MagCode100-240VAC14.4VDCmax.5Aon request
DBL75-14 UL-Version standard100-240VAC14.4VDCmax.5A116220/0/012
DBL75-14 UL-Version MagCode100-240VAC14.4VDCmax.5Aon request
MagCode bushing (counterpart)------on request