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High requirements for charging technology for Lithium batteries There is no:2018-01-11 20:28:32


Lithium batteries challenge charging technology with high requirements.

Lead-based starter batteries in vehicles get more and more replaced by LiFePO4 technology. Whereas the battery voltage of lead batteries increases rather steep at a growing state of charge, the curve progression for LiFePO4 batteries is very flat in the rate of 25-95% (state of charge). This makes it more difficulty to determine the correct state of charge and makes high measurement precision indispensable.

The DBLW series from Deutronic  was designed especially for charging and monitoring of lead and LiFePO4 batteries. The adaptive charging and monitoring algorithm adapts dynamic to the battery and consumption situation and perfectly qualifies these chargers for using in automobile showrooms. The DBLW series will be available by the mid of 2018.