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DP500IP - Power supply units for rough environment There is no:2018-01-11 20:21:33

In times of permanent innovation in the field of renewable energy and growingng requirements concerning components in machines, installations , transport units and other equipment, many  common market power supplies in the meantime  reach their limits.

Environment temperatures far beyond +40°C or down to -45°C, weatherproof protection and protection against aggressive gases as well as flexible mounting, are more and more requirements on industrial  power supplies .

The new Deutronic DP500IP series combines extreme robustness against external or electrical influences with innovative functions. This series is equipped with D-IPS®-technology (Deutronic Intelligent Power System) which enables  a use in almost every application.  The advantages of this technology are e.g. the complete control of all transient current impulses and voltage events at the primary side in any case as well as the complete elimination of the normally unavoidable inrush current. Furthermore there is no restart inrush current  after a short mains interruption. That´s why upstream fuses can be dimensioned according to the real operating current of the equipment instead of planning critical oversizing of the fuse.

The mechanical construction guarantees very high protection against shock and vibration, unfavorable environment influences and humidity (IP67). It´s interference immunity is designed for industrial use whereas the emitted interference even reaches class B (residential areas). Overvoltage category 3 for permanent connection to building installations is also one of the specified features.

Besides many different applications the DP500IP is very applicable for forklift trucks, floor conveyors or conveyor bands.


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