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Healthy car battery increases customer satisfaction and lowers dealer´s cost There is no:2017-12-26 15:46:09

It is very common in China to charge the batteries of cars in dealer showrooms by just starting the engine. At first glance this seems to be an economic way, as this procedure doesn´t need any investment in charging technology.

Our experience shows that it is worthy to have a second look on it, as there are many good reasons, not to do like that:

1.The generator of a car needs, depending on the model, a certain amount of rpm to really charge the battery.  An engine in idling mode can never reach this rpm, so if the generator really supplies energy to the battery it will be too low for charging the battery full unless the engine doesn´t run for several hours. The result is obvious: The battery will be damaged before the car leaves the dealer.

2.Unqualified charging and permanently deep discharging of the car battery will make it necessary to replace it sooner or later. Sooner means the dealer bears the cost, later means the problem will be forwarded to the customer. Actually the second case is more serious, as the customer won´t complain about the bad battery but he will complain about this bad car he spent so much money for.

3.Several companies “solved” this problem by installing a battery with higher capacity. The result is easy to describe. They spent 150 to 200 RMB more for each battery and definitely bring the battery problem to their customer.

4.Last but not least, charging by starting the engine is an ecological problem. Let´s just play with some numbers. Each of the estimated 40 Million vehicles sold in China every year has been in a showroom before. Just let´s say each of these vehicles consumed only one liter fuel for this charging procedure. Based on an average emission of 2.4 kg carbon dioxide for one liter fuel, the annual emission is about 96 Million kg CO² !

The dealers benefit from investing in intelligent charging technology is not only to increase customer satisfaction or protect the environment, it´s also to just save money. If a dealer for example sells 100 cars per month, he needs to spend about 15.000 to 20.000 RMB for bigger batteries (see no.3.). This money can be saved as well as the money for exchanging defect batteries and for service cost under warranty.

Deutronic Electronic Technology (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. is specialized on economic solutions for battery management and brings benefit to the dealer as well as to their customers. Most of the famous and successful car manufacturers rely on us. There should be a good reason for it, don´t you think so?